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citi payall

Citi PayAll

Paying expenses made more rewarding with your Citi credit card

With Citi PayAll, you can pay your rent, tuition fees, purchases from online sellers, and more with your Citi credit card


Pay rent to your landlord


Pay tuition and other school fees


Pay for purchases from online sellers done via bank deposit


Pay membership or association dues

A Citi PayAll transaction fee is charged for all Citi PayAll transactions, which is determined for each customer, as part of your enrollment.

More Benefits

Earn ThankYou® Points, never
expiring miles, and rebates with
your Citi credit card*

*depending on your Citi credit card

Manage your cashflow by scheduling your
expenses whether bi-weekly, weekly,
bi-annually, quarterly, or annually on top
of the monthly frequency

Track your expenses
easily in the Citi Mobile® App
through the Active, Completed
and Cancelled tabs

Easy to Pay, Easy to Receive

Input the name of the recipient*. It should be the same as the account name of the destination account.

Schedule a one-time or recurring payment.

Your payment goes into your recipient’s bank account and they pay no fees.

*Confirm with your recipient that they accept Citi PayAll payments and that their bank account can accept online funds transfer via PesoNet.

Terms and conditions apply.

To read the full T&Cs, please visit

More and more merchants are accepting Citi PayAll payments.
To be a Citi PayAll merchant, contact our team to get started:

Use Citi PayAll with the merchants below


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